Commercial Success For Wedding Photographers


wedding photographyIf there is anything that wedding photographers should be wary about right from the get go of a wedding photography deal, it would have to be the kind of expectations that the clients have. It can be very tricky to deal with given the fact that people usually go by with their own preconceived notions. This can turn out to be a bit of a tough conversation to approach but it is something that wedding photographers will need to go through with anyway. There is no way around it. If you would like to become an effective and efficient wedding photographer at some point or so, you will need to get this checked out at the end of the day. Manage the expectation of your clients. You are well within your right to advise them or to educate them a little bit if those said expectations turn out to be a little too unrealistic when it all comes down to it. Just make sure that your delivery is professional and polite as ever so that you do not end up getting flak for it or so that your clients do not end up getting offended somewhere along the way. Be very transparent with them and don’t sugarcoat anything.


Some clients will always require so much more than the others from their wedding photographers and this is something that you will need to map out with them right off the bat. If you know for a fact that there is no way or means for you to provide them with what they would like to gain out of the aspect of hiring you, it would be best to tell them about it right then and there and to refer them to another wedding photographer who will be able to better assist them with their needs. It is always so much better than pushing for an agreement that you know for a fact you will never be able to satisfy on your end. It can sour up your relationship with that client and you might end up getting a bad reputation for it.


The quote should be well thought out and well calculated at all times. You need to make sure that whatever happens, you will always be able to go ahead and bring the best out of your mathematical calculations for the price that you give out to your clients. Consider your overhead costs, the miscellaneous expenses along the way, the special equipment you will need to add on top of what you have now, and the amount of work hours you will be putting into the project. All of these things are extremely important. After all, there really is no point in doing this if you can’t make a decent living out of this.

Prep work.

Professional wedding photographers, like this kent wedding photographer, are notorious for doing back breaking prep work when they have a wedding to shoot and you should aim to set the same standards as well. Get all of your bases covered as much as possible. Set all of the contingencies the right way. Make sure that you get to check things out the right way. List things down so that you don’t end up forgetting or neglecting anything while you are at it.