Prepare at least 2 rolls of paper

photo booth hireIf you are planning to set up a photo booth rental as some sort of side business, then you are in for a really good deal. A photo booth rental service is one of the most in demand party and event services these days. If you will be able to really get your product out there, you are almost guaranteed to never run out of clients when it all comes down to it. People are always looking out for ways for them to be able to book a photo booth rental service during the events that they hold out one way or the other. This is something that can turn out to be a really lucrative venture for you so it is definitely worth investing in and definitely worth putting in the extra effort for at some point or so.

Make sure that you are always able to prepare at least two extra rolls of photo paper as well as printing ink during the photo booth rental shoot. Although you might have a pretty good idea about how long the event will stretch out, you will not really be able to prepare all that much for the number of photos that will be taken. You might end up shooting one pic after the other and you might easily run out of paper and ink. This is not something that you should allow to happen to you because this could easily end up with really tragic results and it might ruin your reputation as a photo booth rental operator so avoid the headaches and get your extra paper and ink for your own peace of mind.

Give yourself about two hours ahead of time to set up your photo booth rental equipment.

This kind of equipment is difficult to set up and there can be a lot of errors or other malfunctions along the way and you need to make sure that you are able to prepare for it so that you can make sure that everything works just fine before people start filing in at some point or so. It should always be well in advance and you need to make sure that things are always figured out as much as possible. You need to make sure that the power source, extension cords, and so on and so forth are all in the right places and all strategically positioned to work well for the photo booth rental setup that you are trying to come up with and bring together as much as possible.

Call the event organizers or your clients ahead of time.

That is so you are able to really know ahead of time the details required of you and of the photo booth rental service that you are expected to provide for the event. You need to know what time the clients are expecting you to come in, how many guests are expected to arrive, which part of the venue you should set up your photo booth rental equipment in, and so on and so forth.