Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo Prep Tips

Look toward the light.

Napa wedding photographerWhen you look toward the light, you will make your pupils a little more dilated. This gives your Napa wedding photographer and his camera the impression of you being really impressive. Remember that emotions can really go a long way for you for as far as wedding photos are to be talked about and you need to consider that in all of the best ways. something as simple as drawing up your face to the light so that you can look at it and make your pupils a little more photogenic looking should turn out to do the trick just fine for you when it all comes down to it.

Make sure that the light source is fairly natural though. Overly fluorescent lights can seem blinding and you will end up blinking or shutting your eyes painfully over time instead of making your pupils dilate. Looking toward the light is something that models from all over the globe have done or have been doing for the longest time running and you will make the most out of the photo session if you make sure that you consider this at the end of the day.

Blush is a must.

You will be dressed in white. This has the tendency to make you come off looking a little too washed out and pale and this is never a good look on anyone. A little bit of blush can go a long way which is why you need to get this taken care of one way or the other. But then again, you also need to side with caution when it comes to the application of some blush on your face. The thing is, you might end up looking all red in the face. This is not a flattering look on you regardless of the angle that you are taking a look at it. If you are applying some blush on, be a little lighter on the hand. It doesn’t have to be a lot and you honestly don’t need that much in the first place. A few swipes will make you look demure and blushing already and this is what you ought to try to remember all the time when you are putting your own makeup on.

Visine can make your eyes look brighter.

Your Napa wedding photographer will want to capitalize on the eyes during the wedding photography coverage and this is what you ought to have in your emergency wedding kit. Even if your eyes aren’t that red or anything like that, the thing is, a little brightness on the eyes can make your wedding photos look and feel so much more meaningful.

Your face is not a disco light.

So yes, go easy on the highlighter a little bit because it might make you look like a traffic sign at night and that can’t be a flattering look on you or on anyone for that matter. Go for a little bit of bronzer for that dewy and sunkissed effect but don’t go beyond that.