Wedding Photography

When Half A Year Out Before The Wedding

Sort out your invitations.

Leeds wedding photographerYou want the invitations to be short but concise and this is not something that doesn’t pan out without proper planning and without meticulous execution. Get your invites done right and your guests will know anything there is to know about the big day.

Plan your honeymoon.

The wedding shouldn’t be the only thing that you need to be planning for at the end of the day. You also need to plan for things that are supposed to come after that. That technically includes the honeymoon. Even if the wedding pans out perfectly but the honeymoon has some rough bumps somewhere along the way, it could cast a shadow on the way that things pan out for you and for your partner and this is not the way that you would want to do things at any point in time so make sure that you get this checked out and taken into account and you will surely have something worth the deal in the first place.

Shop around for bridesmaids’dresses.

Whether you are someone who wants to be in control all of the time or if you would like to play things a little more loosely during the wedding, you will want to more or less have a say on what your bridesmaids will be wearing during the special day. For one, they need to be coordinated either in terms of the color or in terms of the theme with what you are planning to pull off for the wedding. Plus, it is considered as a gesture for the bride to either food the bill for the dress of her bridesmaids or at least cover for a certain percentage of the said costs one way or the other. Whatever you would like to go with, make sure that you check out some type of agreement with them at some point or so. Go for something that makes them look great for your Leeds wedding photographer but at the same time, doesn’t allow them to outshine you in your own wedding.

Send out the save-the-dates early on.

If you want people to be there and attend your wedding day, then you need to give them more than enough time to clear their schedules and their itineraries. Your guests will not be able to leave everything in the drop of a hat. You need enough time to schedule things out with them so that they will be able to go ahead and make all of the necessary arrangements to see things through. This is why weddings are always strategically planned out for about a year out or more.

Aside from knowing what your wedding date will be, it is absolutely important that your guests know about the too so that they can actually be there for you during that special day. You don’t have to spend as much money on this as with what you are spending out for your Leeds wedding photographer, for example. You can still work things out the right way and have everything on some kind of a budget by more or less getting them printed out at home. All you need is a high quality printer and fancy stationery, a great layout, and you are all set. No need to go to an expensive professional printer for the save-the-date cards. This is one thing that you can do yourself.